In today's digital world, your image is the first handshake, the first meeting, and the first pitch - all rolled into one.

At Twin Rivers Photography, we understand the power of a professional headshot and its impact on your career and personal brand. That's why we're thrilled to partner with you through our professional branding process, meticulously crafted to put your best face forward!

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Let's give you a headshot
you can be proud of.

 Industry leaders and innovators are trading in the boring headshots of the past for branding portraits that connect and speak to their ideal audience!

Our branding sessions produce high quality content and portraits that let your genuine personality and company brand shine through. Here's where your updated headshot can make a significant difference:

• LinkedIn Profiles: Stand out to recruiters and potential employers with a polished, professional image.
• Company Websites: Present a professional image on your corporate team page.
• Professional Portfolios: Artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers: YOU are your brand. Let's do it justice.
• Social Media Profiles: It's 2024. Your headshot doesn't have to be a stuffy-business-only photo!
• Dating Website Profiles: When that first photo is the only thing most people see: Let's make it count.
• Digital Marketing Materials: Ditch those boring stock images, and let's show off a personal brand that people remember!
• Business Cards and Email Signatures: Let's start and end every correspondence with a headshot you're proud of!

Let's make that first impression count.

Let's Craft Your Story


Your headshot is a key part of your story.

Let's work together to create the perfect visual narrative for your brand.


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"I Want The World To See Me As..."

Join me in crafting the perfect visual representation of your personal brand. 

I can't wait to work with you!

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What's Included?

A Personal Consultation Process

As your photographer, I will collaborate closely with you to:

 Narrow Down Wardrobe Choices: Select outfits that reflect your personality and the message you want to convey.
 Picking Backdrops: Choose settings that enhance your look and align with your brand.
 Nail down what makes you "you": What ever your story is, I'm here to help you tell it well! We'll nail what you want your portraits to portray, so I can best guide you through poses, body language, and expressions that capture the best version of you.

Professional Hair and Makeup Artistry

Our tried and true hair and makeup artist is trained in camera-ready makeup services to ensure you look and feel your absolute for the camera!

Make a date of it: Here's a tip: Take advantage of how great you'll look, and schedule a fun evening out after your photoshoot!

Multiple Looks for a Multi-Faceted You

Embrace the benefit of presenting different facets of your persona with multiple wardrobe changes, set options, and shooting locations in a single photoshoot.

Instant Gratification 

You've got a busy life. We won't make you wait to see your photos!

Immediately following your photoshoot, you'll dive into a guided ordering appointment. Selecting your favorites may seem daunting - especially when you love so many of them! I'm here to guide you through selecting the images that best represent your personal brand.

Master Retouching

The devil is in the details.  That's why you're investing in a photographer who understands the delicate balance and artistry in portrait retouching!

Each of your chosen digital images will undergo full master retouching, from skin blemishes to clothing wrinkles and stray hairs. We fine-tune your images to showcase you at your absolute best, without losing what is uniquely YOU. And if you find yourself wanting a bit more from your portraits, additional editing requests are welcomed and easily accommodated.

I first heard of Indy (featured below) through a mutual friend, who was absolutely glowing when they told me about the profound impact he had on their life! I was immediately fascinated. Anyone who dedicates their life to spreading light and love is a hero in my book; I had to meet him for myself! One day while driving through Suwanee, I decided to drop by his shop to look around, and I was delighted to learn that he was there that day! There amongst the beautiful array of stones, crystals, jewelry, and hand crafted gifts, stood a warm soul who so graciously welcomed me. 

To my surprise, when I mentioned our mutual friend, Indy lit up and recalled the family portraits that I had just taken for them. I didn't know they'd ever mentioned me! He loved my work and asked me to work with him on his own company and personal branding. Of course, I was thrilled to help!

Our first branding session was a series of studio portraits that are now featured throughout his website and newsletters. That session led to one of the most validating testimonials my work has ever received! I was told that many of his regular customers and patrons loved the new portraits and had profoundly emotional responses to seeing them. One person in particular, a new customer who had never seen or spoken to him, saw his portrait on his website and broke down in tears! The smiling eyes and gentle spirit that I was able to capture in that portrait truly resonated with them, and they decided in that moment to give him a call and book their first appointment.

I got chills when I heard that story. I often see clients be moved to tears when they see their own portraits or photos of their loved ones. It's a moment I'm always so honored to be a part of, and something I'll never take fore granted. But to hear of a complete stranger reacting that way to an image you captured of someone they also didn't know: Well, that truly speaks to the power a portrait can have on us. That story exemplifies why I love personal branding and portraiture so much! Through our time working together, I always come to see my clients as friends, and their personal and career success is something I'm rooting for! Their patronage of my art supports my livelihood, so when my work in turn elevates their career and helps further their dreams: It's the best feeling ever!

The Power of a Portrait



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